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The full name of FICPI Australia is the Australian Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys. We are a self-governing national association of an international group that was established in Europe in 1906, the Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle - FICPI.

FICPI is an association of intellectual property attorneys in private practice, which today can boast a growing membership of approximately 3800 in over 80 countries.

Some of the aims of FICPI are to liaise with national and regional IP offices as well as other groups, such as the World Intellectual Property Organisation, to provide a balanced perspective of the needs of IP users, the clients of FICPI members, in relation to intellectual property protection, and to foster international cooperation within the profession of intellectual property attorneys in private practice.

FICPI is governed by its Executive Committee, which is made up of a delegate and an alternative delegate from each affiliated national section or association, including Australia. FICPI conducts its activities through voluntary member participation, and its functions and activities are the responsibility of specific commissions.

By far the largest commission is the CET, the Study & Work Commission, which is responsible for the supervision and examination of developments in international and national legislation as well as for the preparation of opinions by FICPI that are presented to relevant authorities. The CET members work within a number of sub-groups specialising in the main branches of intellectual property protection. Currently these are: international and European trade mark issues; designs issues; international and European patent issues; life sciences and chemistry issues; IP litigation issues; software issues; and traditional knowledge issues. The successful functioning of the CET relies on input from its members. Membership is open to all members of FICPI Australia, with the approval of its executive Council.

Further information on FICPI is available at its website www.ficpi.org.

FICPI Australia is governed by its Articles of Association, which require the election of an executive Council for three year terms. The Council is made up of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the immediate past President and six ordinary council members. You are encouraged to contact any Council member, and contact details of selected members are given on this website.

For Membership eligibility requirements please go to Members & Membership.
Membership of FICPI Australia automatically leads to membership of FICPI, and membership of FICPI by intellectual property attorneys practising in Australia is only available through FICPI Australia.

FICPI Australia serves the interests of its members by:

  • Attending meetings with IP Australia and other Australian groups to provide a balanced perspective of the needs of IP users, the clients of members of FICPI Australia, in relation to intellectual property protection.
  • Providing information and commenting to members on domestic and international legislation and activities concerning intellectual property.
  • Providing such information and comment to government and other bodies, including IP Australia, the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property and the Australian Law Reform Council, as well as to the media.
  • Providing ethical guidelines for its members.
    Arranging meetings and seminars where members may meet and discuss topics of interest.
  • Providing external speakers on a range of issues, including those relating to the business of conducting patent and trademark attorney practices.
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