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SGM of FICPI Australia
FICPI Australia holds an AGM prior to a conference which is held at a different location each year, with a special general meeting (SGM) being held every third year during which council members are elected. This year '2021' is an SGM year.

The date of the SGM and Conference is Friday 6 August, 2021

FICPI Australia SGM 2021
Virtual via ZOOM and in person at a location TBA
3:00 pm till 4:15 pm (NSW/VIC)
SA 2:30 pm start; QLD 2:00 pm start; WA 1:00 pm start
Friday 6 August, 2021
SGM papers to be circulated to members only.

Conference - Virtual via ZOOM
Theme TBA
4:30 pm till 6:00 pm (NSW/VIC)
SA 4:00 pm start; QLD 3:30 pm start; WA 2:30 pm start
New Zealand 6:30 pm start
Friday 6 August, 2021

Conference Agenda TBA
Registration Form TBA

Zoom Virtual Conference

The SGM requires that there be quorum by way of a physical presence of members as required by the Articles of the Association at a location TBA.

The SGM begins at 3:00 pm (EST) and concludes at 4:15 pm (EST) and the conference begins at 4:30 pm (EST) and concludes at 6:00 pm (EST).

Prospective FICPI members should be aware that an attorney (patent or trade mark) no longer needs to be an owner or principle of a firm. The Conference is available to non-members who would like to experience one of the many benefits of FICPI membership.

If you have any questions regarding the SGM or the conference please go to the Contact Us page of the FICPI Australia web site and seek advice from the President or Secretary of FICPI Australia.

FICPI International Events
Each year FICPI International hosts a number of conferences, special events and regular meetings of FICPI members involved in a range of committee activities. See the FICPI international website that details these various events.

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