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The brochure 20 Reasons Why You Should be a FICPI Member has been prepared by the Communications Commission of FICPI. Hopefully this will assist you in identifying some of the benefits associated with being a member of FICPI.

Members of FICPI Australia are elected by the Council following an application by the candidate to the Secretary. The application must be proposed and seconded by two existing members.

To be eligible for membership of FICPI Australia, a candidate must:

  • be a patent or trade marks attorney* registered in Australia
  • have his/her primary endeavour as a patent or trade marks attorney and
  • not be in practice on behalf of only one client, or affiliated group of clients, to the exclusion of other clients
  • have at least five years' experience as a patent or trade marks attorney since registration as a patent or trade marks attorney in Australia or overseas
  • be of good repute.
    * A trade marks attorney cannot be admitted to membership if the result would be that in the same firm there would be more trade marks attorney members than patent attorney members, or trade marks attorneys would constitute more than one third of the total membership of FICPI Australia.

If you are eligible for membership and would like to join us in FICPI Australia (and FICPI), please complete the appropriate one of these application forms;
Trade Marks Attorney Application Form (PDF - 43Kb)
Patent Attorney Application Form (PDF - 43Kb)
and forward it to the Secretary.

A searchable list of existing members of FICPI, including FICPI Australia, is available at www.ficpi.org/organisation/member-search/. The membership list is owned by FICPI, and its replication or unauthorised use for commercial mailings or similar purposes is strictly prohibited.

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