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FICPI Australia Memorandum and Articles of Association, Code of Ethics & Guidelines.

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FICPI Submission on IP Australia patent Search and Examination Products Review
Nov 2017 (PDF-221kb)

FICPI AGM - Noosa July 2017
Conference Program
IP Insurance - Robert Hale
PI Insurance - Simon Carter
Video Interview with Anne Levy, Professional Excellence - the French Experience streamed via Youtube
Listed Groups, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest - Professor Andrew Christie
Code of Conduct - Conflict of Interest - Stuart Smith
Code of Conduct Review - Conflict issues - Ian Horak
The Rise of AI in the IP World - Nimish Gupta
What can be Outsourced - Ankur Srivastava
Analytics Based Consulting - Matthew Luby
Case Study - Law Firm - Ankur Srivastava
Outsourcing - enableSME Part 1 - Peter Masonwells
Outsourcing - enableSME Part 2 - Peter Masonwells
2017 FICPI AU President's Report - Stephen Krouzecky
2017 FICPI AU AGM Minutes

Response to Productivity Commission Inquiry Report
Feb 2017 (PDF-891kb)
Response to Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Porperty Laws Amendment Bill and Regulations
Feb 2017 (PDF-368kb)

FICPI AGM - Port Douglas August 2016
AusIndustry Proram - Peter Milic
eDevices - Bill McFarlane
FICPI International recent activities - Coleen Morrison
Understanding Innovation Ecosystems - Doron Ben-Meir
Work-Life Integration - John Drury
Commercialisation Ecosystem in Australia - Gemaker - Natalie Chapman

Patents consultation group meeting
Meeting Summary-July 2016 (PDF-11kb)

FICPI Productivity Commission Draft Report - June 2016
Submission Part 1 (PDF-606kb)
Submission Part 2 (PDF-680kb)
Annexure 1 (PDF-3MB)
Annexure 2 (PDF-1.4MB)

IP Australia submission: Cross-Border aspects of Client-Attorney privilege
March 2016 (PDF-23kb)
AIPPI Australia submission to IP Australia March 2016 (PDF-47kb)
AIPPI Submission Attachment A (PDF-449kb)
AIPPI Submission Attachment B (PDF-2MB)
AIPPI Submission Attachment C (PDF-1.7MB)
AIPPI Submission Attachment D (PDF-49kb)

FICPI Australia & IPTA Joint Innovation Patent Review Submission
Oct 2015 (PDF-340kb)
Annexure 1 - Professor Stefan Wagner
Oct 2015 (PDF-430kb)
Annexure 2 - FICPI paper Utility Models April 2015
Oct 2015 (PDF-326kb)
Annexure 3_Previous Submissions of both IPTA & FICPI Australia
Oct 2015 (PDF-3024kb)

FICPI AGM - Uluru August 2015
Equity Capital Markets - Aaron Black
eDevices and You - Bill McFarlane
FICPI International recent activities - Greg Chambers
Privately Incorporated IP Firms - Chairperson's Notes
Skills Scorecard - Ray D'Cruz
IP firms and private equity investors - Shinewing - Stephen Adrian

FICPI AGM - Gold Coast August 2014
Houston We Have a Problem - Duncan Hart
FICPI Survey Results 2014 - Duncan Hart
FICPI report - Coleen Morrison
Change Management - Jonathan Spittle
eDevices - Bill McFarlane
Managing Actions - Adapt Training - Dermot Crowley
Managing Inputs - Adapt Training
Managing Outcomes - Adapt Training
21st Century Productivity - Dermot Crowley
APAA Update on PCT Working Group - Paul Harrison

Review of Designs System - Letter to Sharon Thomas
Oct 2013 (PDF-205kb)
Review of Innovation Patent System - Letter to Jeff Carl
Oct 2013 (PDF-158kb)
Response to ACIP on Innovation Patent System
Oct 2013 (PDF-133kb)

IP Australia consultation: Patentable Subject Matter
Sept 2013 (PDF-204kb)

FICPI AGM - Hamilton Island August 2013
ProBono, CSR and Patent Attorneys - Fiona McLeay
Multi-jurisdictional Practices - Brett Connor
Corporate Social Responsibility - Stuart Smith
Multi-jurisdictional Practices - Stuart Smith
The View from the Inside - Nimish Gupta
FICPI Members and In-House Counsel - Matt Gallagher

Pharma Patents Review Response Final
April 2013 (PDF-92kb)

Innovation Patent System Review Submission
Oct 2012 (PDF-92kb)

FICPI SGM - Adelaide September 2012
Incorporation - Advantages and Disadvantages
Speakers; Francis Loh, Tony Keany, Gerry Cawson
Commoditisation of IP professional services - Duncan Hart
Mergers and Acquisitions - Are you ready?
Speakers; Matthew Jackson, Brett Connor, Sean Larkan
Professional Services Pricing - Colin Jasper
HR in Changing Times - Georgie Dwyer & Susan Comerford

Response to ACIP on Innovation Patent System
Dec 2011 (PDF-63kb)

Country Report 2011
Nov 2011 (PDF-230kb)

Proposed IP Australia Patent Regulations Amendment-Response
Oct 2011 (PDF-26kb)
Proposed IP Australia Patent Regulations Amendment
Oct 2011 (PDF-61kb)

FICPI AGM - Noosa July 2011
HR After the Noughties - Jane Seymour (PDF-474kb)
Tackling the Flexibility Conundrum - Justine Knight (PDF-921kb)
The Raw Edge - Mark Horsburgh (PDF-116kb)
Beyond Cashflow - Geoff Davidson (PDF-37kb)
Managing Cashflow - PWC (PDF-174kb)
Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership - Murray Paterson (PDF-69kb)
Raising the Bar - Terry Moore (PDF-952kb)

PCG Meeting 12 July 2011-Meeting Summary
July 2011 (PDF-18kb)

PCT Rule Changes
May 2011 (PDF-47kb)

Single Trans Tasman Regulatory Framework for Patent Attorneys - Discussion Paper
April 2011 (PDF-56kb)

Exposure Draft of Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill 2011 and Explanatory Memorandum
Raising the Bar Bill 2011 (PDF-426kb)
Annex 1A (PDF-66kb)
Annex 1B (PDF-23kb)
Annex 1C (PDF-109kb)
Annex 2A (PDF-138kb)
Annex 2B (PDF-197kb)
Annex 3 (PDF-448kb)

Correspondence/submission to NZ Ministry of Economic Development(Computer Program exclusion)
April 2011 (PDF-224kb)

Cover Letter & Commments on The Patent Amendment Bill 2010
March 2011 (PDF-542kb)

FICPI AGM - Cairns August 2010
Professionalism for the Professional-Steven Cole (PPT-1.1Mb)
Professional Standards Board in Discipline Matters-Julie Ballance (PPT-292kb)
Sharing the Pie-Leon Allen (PPT-298kb)
Partner Equity Performance or Parity-Brett Connor (PPT-249kb
Splitting the Pie-Neil Oaks (PDF-289kb)
Information Screens-Patrick Monahan (PDF-289kb)

Review of the New Zealand Patent Law Submission
July 2010 (PDF-1Mb)

2010 Francis Gurry Lecture - Alison Brimelow CBE
1 March 2010 video

IP Australia Consultation Paper 2
February 2010 (PDF-1.5Mb)

Proposed Privilege & Discipline Regimes joint FICPI/IPTA Response
February 2010 (PDF-30Kb)

FICPI AGM - Manly NSW August 2009
The Crunch on IP Filings-Phillip Noonan (Powerpoint-9.3Mb)
Managing IP-Daniel Cole (Powerpoint-99Kb)
Advancement in Profession: Employee to Partner - Shane Herbert (Powerpoint-1.1Mb)
IT Investment - Peter Niblett (PDF-208Kb)
Benchmarking Survey - Sam Coupland (Powerpoint-1.9Mb)
GFC Consequences - Russell Thomson (PDF-344Kb)

Response to "Getting the Balance Right" Consultation Paper
July 2009 (PDF-555Kb)

Draft Letter to P.Noonan re "Getting the Balance Right"
July 2009 (PDF-24Kb)

Visit to USPTO
July 2009 (PDF-161Kb)

Response to ACIP Report "Patents & Experimental Use"
June 2009 (PDF-14Kb)

Response to "Exemptions to Patent Infringement" Consultation Paper
June 2009 (PDF-34Kb)

PCG Submission - Feb 2009
March 2009 (PDF-17Kb)

IP Aust-PCG Members Notices (Oct-Nov 2008)
Agenda Item 3-NIS Review outcomes (PDF-30Kb)
Agenda Item 3-NIS Review Presentation PCG Oct 2008 (powerpoint-258Kb)
Agenda Item 5-Attachment Fee Changes Consultation Paper (PDF-166Kb)
Agenda Item 5-Fee Reviews PCG paper (PDF-28Kb)
Agenda Item 7-International developments (PDF-32Kb)
Agenda Item 8-Best Practice Examination Practices (PDF-25Kb)
Agenda-Item 8-Best Practice Searching (powerpoint-914Kb)

IP Aust-FICPI minutes meeting Sept 08
September 2008 (PDF-65Kb)

ACIP Patentable Subject Matter
September 2008 (PDF-66Kb)

ACIP-IT Patent Protection
September 2008 (PDF-370Kb)

Patent Entitlement Issues-290908
September 2008 (PDF-27Kb)

FICPI response ACIP Review PBR
September 2008 (PDF-572Kb)

PCG Submission
September 2008 (PDF-39Kb)

FICPI AGM - Magnetic Island August 2008
Sean Cray Presentation (Powerpoint-738Kb)
Cathi Bawden Presentation (Word-39Kb)
Daniel Marks Presentation (Powerpoint-1.9Mb)
Brendan Bourke Presentation (Powerpoint-805Kb)
Mark Vincent Presentation (Powerpoint-757Kb)
Reynah Tang Presentation (Powerpoint-177Kb)

PCT ISA & IPEA Authority - Letter to IP Australia
July 2008 (PDF-28Kb)

Proposals for Changes to Divisional Practice
March 2008 (PDF-233Kb)

Opposition Case Management
March 2008 (PDF-16Kb)

Notice of Entitlement
March 2008 (PDF-119Kb)

Incorporation Submission
October 2007 (PDF-94Kb)

Exco Meeting in Seville, Spain
October 2007 (Word-56Kb)

Response to IP Australia's Electronic Commerce Questionnaire
August 2007 (PDF-32Kb)

Personal Property Securities Reform
February 2007 (PDF - 17Kb)

Future View - System Architecture and Strategies
Byron Bay - 2006 (PDF - 803Kb)

FICPI Australia Comments
True Novelty (PDF - 12Kb)

ABN Business Names Registration Project
August 2006 (PDF-108Kb)
October 2006 (PDF-174Kb)

Design Questionnaire for Members
October 2006 (Word-95Kb)

Discipline Regime for Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
October 2006 (PDF-23Kb)

Response to Public Consultation Paper on the ACIP Report - 'Patents and Experimental Use'
September 2006 (PDF-62Kb)

FICPI Country Reports - Australia
April 2008 (PDF-43Kb)
May 2007 (PDF-42Kb)
December 2006 (Word-36Kb)
May 2006 (PDF-67Kb)
October 2005 (PDF-10Kb)

Report to FICPI Australia AGM on FICPI Activities
July 2005 (PDF - 20Kb)

Report to FICPI Australia AGM by President
July 2005 (PDF-31Kb)

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